Our Story

Small Batch, Big Commitment.

I started Iron Rivet with the goal of creating one-of-a-kind goods that combine lasting quality with thoughtful design. My mission is to combat today’s fast-fashion and disposable products. In fact, feeling like these were once my only options as a consumer is exactly what inspired me to create premium goods that are unique and hand-crafted for longevity.

In the beginning, I would seek out thrift stores and sift through hundreds of vintage leather products, buying old things that still looked beautiful after years of use. However, I might have found just one really exceptional piece out of every few hundred. With these rare finds, the leather had become soft and supple, the brass had developed stunning patina, and each item would have unique marks and signs of its previous owners. I took heavy inspiration from these sparse artifacts, deconstructing them to see what made them tick. I even repurposed the old brass on some of the first bags I made.

Born from the necessity to hold on to the dying quality of goods, at Iron Rivet we make each piece by hand from only the highest quality materials and components, all sourced from the USA’s best tanneries and brass suppliers. We are committed to small-batch production and a make-to-order approach, which greatly reduces the amount of duplication and waste, ensuring each piece can be as unique as the person wearing it. Operating in this way means we have great flexibility in everything we do, from completely custom works to limited edition designs and one-off colorways. We aim to revive the art of creating thoughtfully considered, long-lasting goods that will age to perfection.

Our Promise: Everything we make is unique and made for the long haul, no exceptions, no compromises.
Founder, Kai Huggins